We will support students’ personal development to achieve their future goals.

During students’ time at university, their hopes and aspirations for life after Surrey are shaped by their academic and extra-curricular activities, and constantly evolve as the world around them changes. As their Union, we want their involvement with us to help students develop their own potential, and equip them with the skills, knowledge, and experiences which will help them take their place in a global community. 

  • Since 2017, employability has been the number one opportunity for improving satisfaction with the Union. 
  • Thinking about careers and employment after university is a leading cause of stress for our students, and careers support has been a recurring theme in our priority campaigns and Speak Week.
  • Students are passionate about protecting their individual and collective futures, conscious of the increasing impact of sustainability, digital innovation, and social justice. 


  • YF1 Develop a plan to ensure developing employability and life skills is embedded in all Union activity, opportunities and support. 
  • YF2 Introduce a programme of training and support to ensure Union office holders are able to articulate the skills they acquire through their roles.
  • YF3 Ensure the Union has a sustainable approach to our activities and events.
  • YF4 Review the advertising and communication of student staff roles in the Union, emphasising the skills development opportunities and wider benefits of joining our team, and highlighting the positive impact on employability. 
  • YF5 Develop an online hub that brings together the wide-range of volunteering opportunities and pathways available to students through the Union.


Pulse Survey – Employability

Increase ‘The Union is making me more employable’  up from 23%.

Pulse Survey – Recommend to a friend

Increase ‘I would recommend the Union to friends’  up from 35%.