Making a Complaint

For the purpose of process, a student complaint is defined as:
“an expression of dissatisfaction by one or more students about the Union’s action or lack of
action, or about the standard of service provided by or on behalf of the Union; where a
student is seeking a certain outcome or remedy”
This process happens in three stages:

  1. Early Resolution Stage
  2. Formal Complaint Stage
  3. Panel Review Stage

The Union’s Procedure for complaints is designed to tackle the source of a complaint
quickly, so that it does not detract from a student’s studies or experience. Hence, this
Procedure emphasises the importance of early approaches to achieving immediate
resolutions to difficulties. It makes specific provision for such approaches at the beginning of
the process

In order to resolve concerns as quickly as possible, students are expected to try and resolve
complaints locally with the relevant Zone or Department, in the first instance. A student
making a complaint will find it helpful to keep a note of the attempts they have made to
have the matter addressed, when they made approaches, and to whom they spoke.

Where the complaint has not been resolved or satisfactorily dealt with locally, or where it is
not appropriate to be considered locally, then a student can submit a formal complaint.
Students will be expected to provide details of their efforts to resolve the matter locally at
early resolution and attach any relevant correspondence or provide reasons why it was not
appropriate for their complaint to be considered locally

Please use the button below to submit a formal complaint form.