What information do we collect from you?

USSU’s Voice Zone holds and processes personal data about:

USSU’s Voice Zone holds and processes personal data about:

  • Elections;
  • Candidate training attendance;
  • Results of elections (nominee and winners names results);
  • Nominees and supporters
  • Course Rep details (name, level, course, contact details, attendance);
  • Annual Members Meeting (AMM);
  • Student feedback and Course Rep responses on Student Voice platform;
  • Analytics on Course Rep interaction with Student Voice platform;
  • Student feedback via the Student Life Pulse Survey.

(Details collected: name, URN, E-mail address, telephone number, course)

How is data is collected:

  • Elections – ‘Mi Voice’ webpage
  • Candidate training attendance – paper attendance register
  • Results of elections – Mi Voice electronic system/digital ballot papers
  • Nominees and supporters – Mi Voice webpage
  • Course Rep details – provided by University of Surrey (UOS) following election of representative
  • AMM motions submitted/supported by – minutes of AMM
  • Reports and views of Student Voice platform
  • Student Life Pulse survey – provided by UOS and administered through a third-party researcher ‘Alterline’,

Why do we collect this information?

USSU collects only the data we need, and we keep the data up to date and only for as long as it is needed. 

We collect your personal data in order to:

  • Elections – to facilitate democratic election process;
  • Candidate training attendance – to facilitate training process;
  • Results of elections – to process information and inform students of election results;
  • Nominees and supporters – to process information and inform students of election results;
  • Course Rep details – facilitate training and support and inform students as to who their Course Representative is;
  • AMM – to record and facilitate democratic process;
  • Student Voice platform – to provide oversight and support to Course Reps, to monitor key areas of welfare affecting students and to signpost appropriate processes and procedures;
  • Pulse Survey – to conduct essential research and analyse demographics, to inform our essential activity.

We take our obligations for data handling very seriously and it is therefore important for you to know the lawful basis for us processing your information:

USSU processes all above stated Voice Zone data in our legitimate interests to facilitate the core democratic purposes of the Students’ Union through elections, specialist training and AMM’s. These legitimate interests are determined through an assessment made by weighing our requirements against the impact of the processing on you. Our legitimate interests will never override your right to privacy and the freedoms that require the protection of your personal data. If you are interested in learning more about this legitimate interest assessment, please contact dataprotection@surrey.ac.uk.

What do we do with your information?

  • Elections – facilitate electoral process, publicise results;
  • Candidate training attendance – used to ensure candidates received correct training, used to enhance fairness by requiring students to sign an agreement;
  • Results of elections – make public/democratic process;
  • Nominees and supporters – make public/democratic process;
  • Course Rep details – used to inform students of their relevant representative;
  • AMM – to process results of motions agreed;
  • Student feedback via Course Reps and Student Voice platform – to support and represent student opinion, to provide actionable and professional feedback to the University on areas of concern to students;
  • Pulse Survey – conduct essential research, analyse demographics and feedback, present anonymised results of this research.

USSU processes personal data and special category data in accordance with data protection legislation and its own Data Protection Policy. 

How long do we keep your information?

  • Elections – length of election process;
  • Candidate training attendance – length of election process;
  • Results of elections – indefinitely;
  • Nominees and supporters – end of relationship with student;
  • Course Rep details – end of relationship with student;
  • AMM minutes – 10 years;
  • Feedback made via Student Voice platform – 5 years after end of year in which the feedback was made;
  • Pulse Survey – 1 year.

Who do we share your information with?

  • Elections – Mi Voice who facilitate USSU’s election process;
  • Candidate training attendance – n/a;
  • Results of elections – public;
  • Nominees and supporters – n/a;
  • Course Rep details – internal transfers between USSU and UOS – students informed as to who their Course Representative is;
  • Student feedback on Student Voice platform – internal transfer between UOS and USSU;
  • Pulse Survey – Internal transfer between UOS and USSU, which is then delivered to Alterline (third party researcher) to conduct the research on our behalf.